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09:06pm 20/08/2006
  All moved in. How crazy is that?

Party last night rocked your f-ing socks.

Apparently, it's cool to start sentences ubruptly now.
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08:02pm 13/08/2006
  Tonight was my last night at the #1 stonewood in the world. Ryan made me the most delicious cake I've ever eaten in my entire life. God, that man can bake. Cake season is the best at the wood.

Moving on Friday!
I burnt my tongue on kid mac   
07:16pm 20/07/2006
  I'm sorry in advance.

<td align="center"> Georgia --

Visually addictive

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
I want sesame chicken!   
11:16pm 04/07/2006
  Returned from manhattan in one piece.

77 1/2 hours of true bliss.

I don't understand people who say they like the city but would never want to live there (or dislike croutons). They have to be absolutely outside of their fucking minds. I want nothing more than to reside in the muggy polution and blinding neon of such a wonderful, multifaceted city.

on a side note:

I was thouroughly impressed with superman (especially since i wasnt expecting much)
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If you had a billion singles, you'd have like a million dollars.   
05:06pm 08/06/2006
  I smell meatballs frying and they smell DElicious.

NYC and whorelando are fast approaching and i'm excited. My mother has purchased for my so far the following:

a desk
a small bookshelf
a toaster oven
a hand mixer

P.S. the list of men i'm going to marry continues to grow. As of now it includes, benjamin gibard, stephen colbert, nick swardson, alex kapranos, sufjan stevens, and many more (maybe even a crazy biker chick).
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12:33am 23/05/2006
  I want bonnaroo to come to my house and cook me dinner.  
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hooka jooka   
12:40pm 18/05/2006
mood: cheerful
sweet ass house + miles davis + hooka = best night ever

needless to say, i did NOT go to class today. i tried though. i attempted. that counts for something, right? also, the night before last i received 3 hours max of sleep and not even consecutively. did you really expect me to wake at 7:12 this morning after going to bed at 3:30. let's not be unrealistic.

This summer is shaping up to be the best ever. It's all ready kicked last year's ass.
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You're so cute when you're slurring your speech.   
08:05pm 12/05/2006
  Ibar was crazy fun last night. I made a friend. On the first song, no less.

It's official. The tickets are purchased. New York is a go.
The Zebrameyers, please.   
06:36pm 10/05/2006
  You would have to be wearing a stereotypical robber's outfit from old cartoons complete with black skull cap and eye mask with an empty sack adorned with a dollar symbol in the passengers seat to be denied by the guards at Tymber Creek.

P. S. I need organization in my life...my car...my room...
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Happy Seis de Mayo!   
09:19pm 07/05/2006
  "I wan't to take a baby seal clubbing."  
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I hope I didn't just jinx myself   
11:26am 04/05/2006
  Friday, June 30, 2006 Leave

Delta Air Lines 5584 Operated by: Comair, Inc Economy Canadair 2hr 30min 834 miles

Depart: 6:02pm
evening Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville International (JAX) Non-stop
Arrive: 8:32pm
evening New York, NY
New York La Guardia (LGA)

Monday, July 3, 2006 Return

Delta Air Lines 5441 Operated by: Comair, Inc Economy Canadair 2hr 40min 834 miles

Depart: 6:05pm
evening New York, NY
New York La Guardia (LGA) Non-stop
Arrive: 8:45pm
evening Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville International (JAX)
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I smell like peanut butter today   
07:58pm 26/04/2006
  Tony + Minas + others + improv = hilarity

Georgia + swollen tonsels + death virus does not
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I feel sick   
09:34am 22/04/2006
  My mom asked me disappointedly today why wasnt I 21 yet so I could go to the store and buy her liquor. just thought that it was a moment worth documenting.  
08:57am 04/04/2006
you should see how curly my hair is right now   
11:13pm 02/04/2006
  i'd go so far as to call it a greekfro (or a hellenicfro if you want to be evan)

i watched a program on dicovery today about mega-tsunamis that predicted the entire eastern cost of the U.S. would be engulfed by a mega-tsunami caused by a major landslide off the cost of on of the canary islands la palma. afterward i went online to find out excactly where la palma is located (western caost of africa) only to find a site that revealed the whole thing to be exaggerated at best. apparently the show was a bbc production that was sponsored by an insurance company that uses scare tactics to up hazard protection sales. im so disapointed by the discovery channel im beyond words. they're supposed to be infallible, like god. im disgusted.
02:53am 31/03/2006
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socks. off.   
10:46pm 15/03/2006
  Richie rich rocks your socks.

I found myself missing staller today. I really appreciated his pearls of wisdom and enlightened advice, not to mention his unparalled wealth of knowledge. In the back of the notebook I use for calculus is the list of Staller's Vocabulary left from ap euro. I miss those days when everything was much much simpler and a lot less disapointing.

I wonder if he remembers every single student he's ever taught. I bet he does.
In my day television was called books   
12:06pm 10/03/2006
  Sarasota was sooo much fun. I'm so glad crisi was able to come with me or the drive would have been hell. Lauren's coming home in two weeks, yay!  
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can't sleep   
02:14am 20/01/2006
mood: awake
so i've been super productive this week and hopefully i'll keep it up but even if i dont i still deserve praise for what ive accomplished thus far.

i finally got my tire fixed after at least six months of nagging from my parents. who knows, maybe i'll even get the oil changed or by a new windsheild wiper. also, i may now get a haircut because i promised myself i couldn't until i fixed my tire since thats the only way i can get myself to do things im supposed to.

furthermore i am a pizza god. seriously, no joke. i make the best pizzas you'll never eat because i will devour them all. (chicken and caramelized onions bitches)

i really hope this whole moving to orlando thing works out. i still havent turned in my application and i gave myself a deadline that ended last friday. you can tell how well im doing with that. (maybe i should postpone my haircut). honestly though, i need to get out of this town. sometimes i really feel like im missing out on the whole college experience and im not cool with that. on the other hand, i dread having to learn a whole new area and make new friends im really not that great at that considering my closest friends havent changed in forever. also, im really looking forward to having a secure job with a substantial paycheck (who knew math could pay well?) and living in new york would blow my mind. i was thinking that i could go to graduate school out of state since my scholorship runs out after i get my bachelors anyway. how freakin awesome would nyu be, seriously?

elana's bat mitzfah, ginalogues, and joshua bell all fall in the same weekend. it looks like i'll have to bypass joshy. especially since getting off of work is going to be a bitch.

speaking of work, im actually going to miss my disfunctional extended family of coworkers when i leave stonewood. i never thought id ever miss coworkers like this. but i guess i cant really compare fridays to stonewood. entirely different realms.

in posting ive realized that i havent written in a while, that is for school. the 3000 paper i have to do for microecon is going to kick my ass.
Say something, what?   
03:44am 07/01/2006
  I danced with MULLETMAN!!!! Oh yes, who's your newest personal heroine? I do believe its me.